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The emerald heart empowers you to become the very best that you can be.

The emerald heart light comes directly from the Source and is not based on any religion. It serves to transform the consciousness of all human beings who choose to work with it. In so doing it can help people overcome many of the problems they face on their spiritual journey, and in every day life, as well as empowering and guiding people.

If you are seeking to heal your energy system or address fears that are holding you back, book a consult.

Emerald Heart Light Practitioner

Lucy Williams

My professional background and training is in the field of evidence based western mental health. Although I have worked in this psychological approach for over a decade, I am also a spiritual person and I seek to understand things on a spiritual level. I have experienced the dramatically transformative and life changing effects of the emerald heart light healing system as a client for ten years, and now seek to offer this light to others as an emerald heart practitioner. Accordingly, this page is dedicated solely to emerald heart light work and is not intended to promote or offer the services of a registered health practitioner.

Emerald Heart Light

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